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Hello all!

Just thought I would play with our new forum.  This Saturday my son, Andrew Klienhenz, and I Launched some model rockets at the school I work at, and we had a ball.  Aiden launched everything, and we  had a great time!..The launch equipment is mostly mine, with a Pratt Hobbies six pack, and a jaw stand that I built with some PVC with sections for a fully convertible launch platform that can handle a 1010 rail, or 4 launch rods. It uses a $40.00 jumpstart battery from Sears, and works all day.  The system allows up to a 6 way drag race, but I built the pad for 4 rods.My son has gotten into drag racing his estes crayons, and Im just enabling the addiction!

Jim Seibyl VP MTMA 8)

and a couple of pics.....The tripod to the left of the jaw stand is not part of the system.  I had set up the jaw stand for 2 rods that day, we did use the clips from the six pack.


That is cool.  I remember launching rockets with my daughters.  The always had a good time. 


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